Your gift or extraordinary event long remembered with festive Bling Bottles! Known for our own unique hand designed, one of a kind Champagne and Wine Bottles, our resident artist, Ivey Kampouris, works with you to design a monumental bottle that is perfect for your event.

Your Choice of any bottle Champagne, Wine or Prosecco for Weddings, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Prom, Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Fundraiser Events, Grand Openings, the sensation among consumers and celebrities! Wild, Zany, Creative or Classic, your Bling Request Granted. Permanent and Guaranteed to not come off on your hands. Colors, Gradations, Standout Numbers, and Patterns Available for Your Keepsake Item.

One to two day turnaround or

visit our shop for the ready made BottaBling bottles, packaged and gift ready!

Any size or quantity welcome.

Stop in for BottaBling bottles Ready Made, available throughout the store this holiday season.

For more info visit:

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Please Contact 908.647.9463

for quotes and any inquires


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